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Every trick here can be learned quickly and easily, and can be used to amaze your friends and family.  However, it is very important that you do not do any trick in front of an audience until you can do it perfectly every time!  That's why it is so important to practice the magic tricks.  And remember, a magician never tells the secret!  So practice, have fun, and then go out and amaze your friends!

THE TRICK:  Remove a deck of cards and ask an audience member to shuffle them. When they are finished, take the cards back and place them back in the box. You now announce the name of cards one by one before taking them out of the box. They will have no idea how you were able to know the names of the cards before they came out of the box.

THE SECRET:  Before you do this trick, you will need to prepare the card box by cutting a small "window" in the bottom corner of the box.  This allows you to see which card is about to be removed from the box! This seems very simple, but like most good magic tricks, the ones with the simple methods are the best and this is a GREAT trick!


THE TRICK:  Look at the picture above and remember the drawings on pieces A, B, and C.  
Now, draw pictures on your own piece of paper but make it look like the picture -- two stars and a circle. When you perform the trick you will tear the paper as shown above.  Drop all three pieces into a hat or a paper bag. Now, ask your audience what shape they want you to bring out without looking in the bag -- a circle or a star.  Because you're a Magician, you can do either one.

THE SECRET:  The paper with the circle has two torn or jagged edges, the pieces with the stars only have one jagged or torn edge.  When you want to pick up a star, feel the edges papers inside the bag with your fingers, and bring out one of the papers that only has one side torn.  When you want the circle, bring out the piece with two sides torn.  


THE TRICK:  A knife magically sticks to your hand!

THE SECRET:  This is a fun trick to perform at the dinner table!  To make a knife appear to stick to your hand, simply hold your wrist with three fingers of your other hand while the index finger secretly presses onto the middle of the knife.

Make sure you don’t use a sharp knife. A butter knife works well. Or you can use a pencil or a magic wand!

What other objects could you magically stick to your hand using this method?

THE TRICK:  You ask three different people to think of a number.  Amazingly, a prediction you made earlier comes true!

THE SECRET:  Write the number 1089 on a piece of paper before the performance and seal it in an envelope. When you are ready to perform, bring out the envelope and ask three people to think of a number from one to nine.  

Write their three numbers on the back of the envelope.  Now reverse the order of the numbers and subtract the smaller number from the larger one.

Now reverse this number and add it to the previous figure. The final answer will always be 1089!  Reveal
your prediction to thunderous applause!

For example, if the three numbers given are 7, 4, and 9,  write down 749.  By reversing the three numbers, you will get 947.  Whichever one is the lower number, subtract it from the higher one.  In our example, we will subtract 749 from 947, leaving us with the number 198.  Next, reverse the order of this number, which will give us 891, and add it to the the previous number of 198 (ie. 891 + 198).   The answer will be 1089.  In fact, you can do this trick with any three numbers between 1 and 9, and if you follow the directions carefully, the answer will always be 1089.

Here's another example -- suppose the three numbers given were 8, 5, and 7.  This gives us 857.  Reversing this number gives us 758.  Subtracting smaller number from the larger number (857 minus 758) gives us 99.  When your new number has only two digits, always add the zero in front of it, so it will be 099.  Now you reverse this number so it becomes 990, and add it to the 099, which will give you --- 1089!  No matter what three numbers your audience gives you at the beginning, you will always correctly predict which number you will end up on.

Tip:  Remember to use the zero in the second example for this trick to work every time.


THE CHALLENGE:  In three moves, can you turn two cups at a time and finish with all three
cups upside down?


1. Turn over cups A and B
2. Turn over cups A and C
3. Turn over cups A and B

Do this quickly and your friends won’t be able to remember the moves!

Make sure the cups are empty first!!!


THE TRICK:  Your friend turns to a randomly chosen page in a book.  He merely thinks of a word on that page, and you are able to tell him which word he is thinking of!

THE SECRET:  This is a great trick that will really amaze your friends. Before the performance, choose a book and remember the seventh word on page seven.  When you are ready to perform the magic trick, pretend to randomly choose the book from the bookshelf and hand it to your friend.

Ask your friend to pick any day of the month, like the sixteenth or the twenty-second.  You might ask them to choose their mother’s birthday, as long as it is a date you couldn’t have known in advance.

Let’s say they choose 17. Tell your friend:

1. Add 10 to your number: 17 + 10 = 27
2. Multiply this number by 2: 27 x 2 = 54
3. Subtract 6 from this number: 54 – 6 = 48
4. Divide this number by 2: 48 / 2 = 24
5. Subtract the original number: 24 – 17 = 7

Tell your friend to turn to page 7 in the book he is holding and count to the seventh word.  Have him concentrate on that word.  Now using your best acting skills, pretend to read his mind and reveal the word you previously remembered!

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